Florentine Glen Piccolo

Show your audience what you are listening to.

Proudly powered by Glitch & Last.fm, styled with Almond CSS.

The how

Add an element with the id 'lastfm' to your html page.
eg: <div id="lastfm"></div>

Add the piece below right before your closing </body> tag: <script async defer src="https://florentine-glen-piccolo.glitch.me/go"></script>

The what

Upon loading the page, the content of the element with id 'lastfm' will replaced with your last scrobbled song information from Last.fm.
Something like: 🎧 Call My Name by In Flames

The catch

It only works for my music. I've rather quickly created it for fun because I'm a big fan of Glitch and an avid Last.fm scrobbler.


You can try to convince me to open it up for every Last.fm user or you can just remix it.